Q&A: Does Momar have a product for cleaning and/or polishing marble floors?

By West Gary | Posted: Feb 14, 2013 | Views: 3627

A: Assuming the surface is a bare marble floor with no finish or coating, Momar carries products that can be used to clean the floor with or without a high speed burnisher.

If you’re using a high-speed burnisher, I'd recommend Hammer 64X diluted 1:64 with water or Hammer Ready-To-Use.  Mop it onto the floor, wetting the floor but not allowing puddling.  Let the product dry to a haze (20-40 minutes) and then use the high-speed burnisher with a polishing pad to remove the haze.  Afterwards, dust mop the floor.

If a high-speed burnisher is not available, then I recommend mopping the marble floor with Envision diluted 1:128 or 1:256.  Any stronger and you risk streaking or leaving a residue.  Use a wet-dry vac if possible to remove the solution from the floor.   If another detergent has been used in the past, then it is likely that it has been leaving a residue on the floor and it may take several cleanings with Envision to remove the old product’s residue from the floor.  This is common with marble.  Use caution not to overuse the product and to remove as much of the product as possible using a mop wringer or, preferably, a wet-dry vac.

Once the marble floor has been thoroughly cleaned, seal it with Claro-Cote VPF-SB.  Claro-Cote VPF-SB is a soil-resistant, vapor-permeable fluoropolymer that is completely invisible.

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