Problem Solvers for Food Processing Plants: Lubrication

By West Gary | Posted: Feb 28, 2013 | Views: 2921

The standards and practices for properly lubricating machines and equipment can be overwhelming for food manufacturing facility managers. Correctly lubricating equipment, however, is essential to any operation's success. Choosing and implementing the right products will ensure that a plant operates safely and efficiently, in addition to making it more profitable.

Ivory 3333 – This heavy-duty, aluminum complex grease is approved for use on all food processing equipment where incidental contact with food may occur.  Its excellent water wash-out resistance is Ideal for areas that are washed down daily and for equipment that is in constant contact with water.  Fortified with anti-wear, anti-corrosion, and extreme pressure additives, Ivory 3333 insures longer equipment life and less downtime due to repairs.

Ivory-Sol Aerosol – As a multi-purpose, high-performance lubricant, Ivory-Sol Aerosol is formulated for food-grade use, but strong enough for industrial applications.  Ivory-Sol Aerosol is designed with extreme pressure and anti-wear additives that provide maximum protection during severe service conditions.  Ivory-Sol is formulated with a powerful anti-oxidant package to prevent the formation of harmful acids that break down oils and destroy metals.

Ivory Seize-Not– Ivory Seize-Not is a premium, PTFE-fortified anti-seize that provides long-term lubrication and protection.  The brush-top applicator allows for easy application without creating a mess.  Use in industrial plants, food-processing plants, packaging plants, and bottling plants where incidental contact with food may occur.  Apply to nuts, bolts, gaskets, valves, chain drives, conveyor systems, oven bearings, pump gears, parts, and fittings to protect against seizing and galling.

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