Give Mold and Mildew The “One-Two” Punch

By West Gary | Posted: Mar 26, 2012 | Views: 2843
I was on the phone recently trying to help a member of the sales group who was in front of a customer. They were trying to remove mold and mildew in a locker room and needed some advice. The customer had let the mold and mildew get way out of control and wanted a solution that was affordable and safe to use. After the sales group member demonstrated Momar’s Hit, the customer was very pleased with the performance but didn’t want to deal with the chlorine fumes every time he cleaned the locker room. The sales group member called me to find out if there was a way Momar could reduce the chlorine fumes in Hit so that it would still work well without the strong fumes. To the dismay of the sales group member, I answered the question with a question: “Why do you need to use Hit again once the mold and mildew are gone?” Puzzled, the sales group member responded, “To remove it again when it comes back, of course.”
This approach to problem-solving is very common . . . just keep on treating the problem the same way every time it comes back. I want to tell you that there is a better way. I call it “The One-Two Punch.” First, stun the problem (mold and mildew) with something powerful (Hit). Then, knock it out and keep it knocked out for good with preventative maintenance(Neutra-Dis).
The customer wanted something affordable and safe to use and Neutra-Dis is the long-term answer. Hit will do the initial hard work of “stunning” the mold and mildew so that Neutra-Dis can easily prevent it from returning with weekly applications.
The One-Two Punch doesn’t just apply to mold and mildew. Below are some more examples of places where a “One-Two Punch” can solve tough problems for your customers:
  • Solv-All to clean a neglected tub and tile surface — Zyme-Attack to keep it clean and scum free
  • Vega-Sol to remove heavy build-up of tar and asphalt — Agri-Sol to keep it clean
  • Pleascent to destroy bad odors — Hang Around to keep them away
  • Hydroclean (TM-03-530) to quickly deep clean mistreated lift stations — Grrreat Grape to keep them cleanand in working order
  • Drain Klean to open up a clogged kitchen drain line — 8-Alive to keep it free flowing and odor free
  • Kreme Kleanser to refurbish abused stainless steel surfaces — Stainless Steel Cleaner & Polish to keep it sparkling
  • Liquid X-Ray Drain Opener (TM-00-014) to open a clogged x-ray line — X-Flow to keep it free flowing and odor-free
  • Ice-Go to melt the ice and snow fast — Ice-Breaker to keep the snow and ice from re-freezing
  • One Step to quickly kill overgrown weeds — No Mow II to keep them gone year after year
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