How Disappearing Act Carpet Spotter, Extractor, and Shampoo Works

Why does Disappearing Act work so well? The five key factors to Disappearing Act\'s effectiveness are revealed.
By West Gary | Posted: Jul 18, 2012 | Views: 3302

I’m reminded of when we introduced Purple Heat a few years ago and so many people wanted to know, “How Does It Work So Well?!!!”

We’ve been getting the same question about Disappearing Act, and the answer is simple . . . IT’S MAGIC! Well, it’s more like a culmination of new technologies. While we won’t break the “Magician’s Code of Secrecy”, we can explain what is taking place when Disappearing Act is applied to soiled surfaces.

First, the state-of-the-art solvents in Disappearing Act break the soils from the surface of the carpet fibers without harming the carpet, the stain resistant coating (if present), or the adhesive that holds the carpet to the backing.

Second, the biodegradable ionic polymers in Disappearing Act attract the soils to the core of the polymer molecule where they attach permanently forming a soil/polymer compound.

Third, some of the soil/polymer compound is removed from the carpet upon scrubbing, shampooing, or extraction and some is left behind.

Fourth, the embrittlement technology takes over. After the cleaning is complete and the carpet dries, the remaining soil/polymer compound dries into transparent, crystalline structures. The soil is locked into these crystalline structures and does not redeposit onto the carpet fibers. Instead, the entire crystalline structure containing the soil is removed from the carpet during routine vacuuming.

Fifth, the anti-resoil technology finishes the job. Because the soil and the chemicals in Disappearing Act are removed completely from the carpet, there is nothing left behind to attract soil so there is no re-soiling which commonly happens with traditional carpet care products.  With Disappearing Act, the clean carpet stays cleaner longer.

Carpet A
Carpet A was cleaned with Disappearing Act
before trafficking.
Carpet B Carpet B was not cleaned before trafficking.
Carpet C
Carpet C was cleaned with a traditional
surfactant based carpet cleaner which attracts
soil to the carpet after cleaning.


Biodegradable Ionic Polymers
Soil/Polymer Compound
Embrittlement Technology
Anti-Resoil Technology

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