Problem Solvers for Medical Facilities: Dietary

While all kitchens must maintain a sanitary environment, kitchens in medical facilities must pay extra attention to sanitization because many of their diners are immune-compromised.

Problem Solvers for Medical Facilities: Biomedical Waste Services

Medical facilities generate enormous volumes of hazardous biomedical waste. On average, 20 pounds of hazardous biomedical waste is generated every day for each patient.Due to the hazardous nature of the waste, special handling is required.

Problem Solvers for Medical Facilities: Building Maintenance

A hospital is filled with systems: Lift stations, HVAC, plumbing, elevators, back-up power, etc. Building maintenance is the department that keeps all these systems operable (preventive maintenance) and fixes what’s broken (corrective maintenance).

Problem Solvers for Medical Facilities: Housekeeping

One of the most important and yet underappreciated departments in a hospital, housekeeping does the dirty work of keeping patient areas and staff areas clean and free of disease-causing germs.

Problem Solvers for Medical Facilities: Surgical and Labs

Offering services such as liposuction, histology, transplants and radiology, the surgical and lab departments in hospitals have to deal with blood, cellulose, tissue, and many other messy bodily fluids. Handling, transporting, and disposing of these fluids creates a multitude of problems.
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