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Momar is more than a chemical supplier.
Momar is your tire plant solutions partner.
We have experience handling concerns specific to the tire industry, such as:
Quality issues:
Non-fills and rubber flow issues in retread manufacturing
Inconsistent spray and mold coating
Process issues:
Operator performance due to existing application method
Increased operator variability and lack of process controls
Release agent waste and equipment waste
Our services include
Application review
Evaluate existing systems to improve consistency of mold coating
Process review
Work directly with operators and manufacturing team leaders to:
• Assess process and provide recommendations
• Provide chemical and systems training
• Develop SOPs
System design and equipment recommendations
Comprehensive project management
Lead project for all internal stakeholders, external engineers, and contractors
Full-synthetic lubricant performance at non-synthetic prices
Release Agents
SS Mold-Cote™ 36
Water-based silicone emulsion formula
SS Mold-Cote™ ns-20
Water-based non-silicone surfactant formula
Fire Protection
Flame Freeze™
fire-fighting foam with cooling agents for plant-wide fire protection systems
DustNot™ f430
Low-moisture, super-foaming combustible dust encapsulant fortified with Flame Freeze
Water treatment
Use of volatile oxygen scavengers/metal passivators in boiler system (DEHA/MEKO) aids in protecting system metal from corrosion
Blend of corrosion inhibitors in products specially designed for these high temperature units provide excellent system passivation
Boilers/Cooling Systems
Use of automation systems to control and monitor key parameters in real time
AquaTrol Reports
Allow real-time trending/data analysis of operator data for all recorded parameters
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