Greenaction - Environmentally Responsible Chemistry

Aquatrol's Green Initiative

Momar Enviropact - Our promise to human health and a better environmentThe AquaTrol Division of Momar is committed to developing and providing our customers with environmentally preferable water treatment programs.  These programs feature various products that allow for reduced water usage, and thereby reduced chemical usage and energy usage.  Our treatment programs utilize the most advanced technology available with the goal of reducing discharges of toxic chemicals into the environment.  Since there are currently no national "green" standards for water treatment products, we have set our own stringent standards and we consider the following attributes when identifying a product as environmentally friendly and granting it the Momar EnviroPact seal of approval:
  • Compounds which are biologically degradable
  • Compounds which are halogen free
  • Compounds which are VOC free
  • Compounds which are SARA non-reportable
  • Compounds which are low-ozone/non-ozone depleting
  • Compounds which are non-toxic or non-hazardous
  • Compounds which are recyclable
  • Compounds which are environmentally safe
  • Compounds which are EPA exempt
  • Compounds which are non-CFC or HCFC
Below is a list of AquaTrol's EnviroPact products:

Cooling Tower Polymers:

  • 12530
  • TK-1014
  • TK-1024
  • WPC-21

Boiler Polymers:

  • 14110
  • 14710

Specialty Products:

  • 12521
  • 15500
  • 12522
  • 15150
  • 15180
  • 15120
  • 15123
  • 12570