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The Facts About The Greenaction Product Line

Greenaction products work better, cost less to use, and are better for the environment

Conventional products cost less to buy, but cost more to use!

Greenaction products are generally 2-3 times more concentrated than conventional products.  That means the "use-cost" of Greenaction products is 50-70% less than conventional products.

Greenaction products are more powerful and work better than conventional products.

Greenaction products outperform conventional products in side-by-side cleaning tests 9 times out of 10.  That means that the cleaning job is done right the first time, with less product, less effort, and less labor costs.

Greenaction products are safer for human health and the environment.

Greenaction products decrease potential risks to workers and significantly reduce wear and tear on hard surfaces, carpet, fabrics, and other surfaces that they come in contact with.  That means that equipment, floors, walls, and other surfaces cleaned with Greenaction products last longer, which saves money by extending their usable life.

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