Water displacing Long-Term Corrosion Preventative

AUTO PARTS RUST INHIBITOR - Water displacing Long-Term Corrosion Preventative

Heavy-duty rust protective coating.  Stops rust in its tracks.  Formulated with state-of-the-art inhibitors carried in a water displacing hydrophobic medium.  Protects metal parts from oxidation during indoor storage.  Prevents rust from humidity, salt, and acid for up to 1 year.  Apply undiluted by immersion, coarse spray, or brush-on methods.  Remove easily with BCS-5, Speedy Solv, ASAP, C-Cide, or other Momar solvent cleaners.  Compatible with all materials of construction used in industrial parts cleaning systems and processes.

  • Goes on clear
  • Contains no CFCs or HAPs
  • Non-flammable and non-corrosive
  • Easy to apply and simple to remove
  • Will not dry out or trap moisture against a surface
  • Not recommended for permanent outdoor applications
  • Non-damaging to painted, rubber, plastic, metal, and glass surfaces
  • Protects against the corrosive action of high humidity, salt water fog, and acid fumes
  • Neutralizes the corrosive effects of road salts on all vehicle surfaces, especially undercarriages

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