Concentrated, Non-Selective Turf and Aquatic Weed Killer

Eliminator™ is a concentrated, contact, non-selective vegetation killer for control of broadleaf weeds, grass, and aquatic weeds and algae. Works through the leaves of all types of vegetation. This product is designed for use around buildings, fence lines, drainage ditches, and especially in and around bodies of water where other herbicides are prohibited.   Kills aquatic weeds, algae, bladderwort, coontail, elodea, naiad, pondweed, watermilfoil, and other aquatic vegetation.  Kills turf weeds, grasses, brush, annuals, perennials, and other types of vegetation.

  • Active Ingredient: 1.85% Diquat Dibromide 
  • Non-selective: Replant 5-7 days after application 
  • Kills most forms of plant growth without damage to the soil 
  • Effects are visible in only a few days 
  • Non-leaching: Works only when it is absorbed by the foliage - deactivates on contact with soil 
  • VOC Compliant 
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