Bucket Fill Chemical Proportioning System

The MX Hospitality Proportioning System is designed with simplicity and reliability in mind. It is a compact, durable dispenser that is designed with a minimal number of parts in order to make servicing and operation simple. This unit has incorporated a well proven mechanical chassis, and simplified the engine by reducing the number of connection points. This allows the MX Hospitality Proportioning system to consistently and accurately deliver chemical. This wall mounted dispenser is an ideal solution for diluting chemical concentrate for buckets, sinks, and scrubbers. Whether using the dispenser in hotels, restaurants, schools, kitchens, nursing homes, hospitals, office buildings, or any other location, the MX Hospitality is well suited for your dispensing and cleaning demands. Consider using this proportioning system for conventional Momar concentrates such as Disappearing Act, First Mate, Purple Heat, Neutra-Dis, Neutra-Gold, Orange-2-O, PleaScent, Red Fantastic, and Super Glass. 

  • Single and 4 Product bucket fill systems
  • Flex-gap & Aire-gap back flow preventers 
  • Flex-gap & Aire-gap bucket fill flow rates are both 4 GPM 
  • Toolless cover removal for ease of service 
  • Multiple units can be daisy chained together 
  • 16 different dilution rates available 
  • Durable ABS cover and Polypro chassis 
  • Rugged, compact design 
  • Capable of handling 100 PSI pressure and 140°F temperature 
Item Designations: