Granular Biological Larvicide with BioFuse Technology

VectoMax® FG Biological Larvicide is an advanced mosquito larvicide based on BioFuse™ technology—a patented formulation and manufacturing process that combines the time-proven and environmentally compatible bacterial active ingredients Bacillus thuringiensis subsp. israelensis strain AM65-52 and Bacillus sphaericus strain ABTS-1743 into a single microparticle. The mosquito larvae get a dose of a carefully selected ratio of both toxins when VectoMax FG particles are ingested. VectoMax consists of only Bti, Bsph, and food-grade (U.S. EPA list 4) inert ingredients. As such, VectoMax has received approval for application in organic crops and sensitive habitats around the world. VectoMax FG has a potency of 50 Bacillus sphaericus International Toxin Units (Bs/ITU) per milligram against Culex quinquefasciatus

  • Provides rapid control with a long residual control up to 28 days
  • The size, shape, and density of the granuels lessen the potential for off-target application due to aerial drift and high bulk density allows for excellent foliage penetration
  • The Bti strain AM65-52 provides broad-spectrum activity against mosquito larvae, rapid control, and low potential for resistance
  • The Bsph strain ABTS-1743 exhibits extended residual control, efficacy in polluted water, and high target specificity
  • BioFuse Technology combines Bti and Bs in a specific toxin ratio into every microparticle 
  • Offers wide application range; 5 – 20 lbs. per acre
  • OMRI approved for application in organic crops 
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