Dicamba Based Herbicide for BroadLeaf Control

Vision Herbicide is a patented dicamba herbicide featuring Moveo® Formulation Technology. It provides excellent control with low volatility and less odor, minus the mixing concerns of standard dicamba products. It controls or suppresses more than 150 weeds, including ALS- and atrazine-resistant weeds such as waterhemp, kochia and Russian thistle. Vision provides fast knockdown and superior performance in varying weather conditions and a wide range of tillage systems. The co-formulated adjuvant system in Vision enhances wetting, spreading and coverage, while reducing spray droplet bounce, run-off and evaporation. With improved spray deposition, it delivers more herbicide to target weeds. Vision improves compatibility with tank-mix partners such as liquid fertilizers and a wide range of herbicides, including glyphosate. Its patented formulation also features lower volatility and less odor potential. For superior broadleaf weed control, contact your Helena representative or authorized dealer for more information on Vision.

  • Unique, patented dicamba herbicide
  • Controls or suppresses more than 150 different weeds
  • Co-formulated adjuvant system provides enhanced wetting, spreading, compatibility & absorption
  • No petroleum solvents • Minimal volatility
  • Contains pH reduction & buffering agents to prevent hard water problems
  • No antagonisms due to hard or soft water & carbonates
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