Building chemistry through teamwork. creativity. research. curiosity. integrity. sustainability. service. solutions.

Momar is more than “building” chemistry. Sure, you can (and should) use our solutions in, on, and around your building, but we are also building chemistry, as in creating it — not just with products, but with people. Since 1947, we have built a legacy of creating true partnerships with our customers, salespeople, staff, and business associates that result in strong bonds, loyalty, and a sense of family, the likes of which you don’t run across too often these days.

Who We Are

Founded in 1947 in Atlanta, Georgia by Sam Mohr, Momar has been a family-owned, family-operated, and family-centered company from the beginning. At the heart of our business family is our dedicated sales organization — the driving force behind our success.

Sam understood that a solutions-oriented sales force supported by a flexible, problem-solving company will always add tremendous value to its customers. He understood that the company must stand behind its products and that it must always be willing to tackle customers’ challenges as if they were its own.

Now in our third generation of family ownership, we faithfully follow the guidelines set forth in Sam’s philosophy; we continue hiring and keeping the best and most experienced salespeople in our industry and providing the best service and solutions for our customers, a tradition of success we are proud to honor.

Our History