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Atlanta, GA—Momar, Inc. (, a specialty manufacturer of general maintenance and sanitation chemicals, announced today the achievement of Champion status through the Safer Detergents Stewardship Initiative (SDSI). The EPA’s Design for the Environment (DfE) Program SDSI recognizes environmental leaders who voluntarily commit to the use of safer surfactants — surfactants that break down quickly to non-polluting compounds and help protect aquatic life in both fresh and salt water. 

The achievement of Champion status, the highest level of recognition offered under SDSI, recognizes that Momar:

  • has demonstrated the use of only safer surfactants in products, and
  • has documented a strategy for ensuring that only safer surfactants are used in products.

“After creating Momar’s Greenaction product line, we decided as a company that we shouldn’t just have a green product line,” stated West Gary, Chief Technical Officer of Momar, Inc, “Momar should institute greener chemistries in all of our products wherever possible.”

Since 2006 Momar has continued with their mission of instituting greener chemistries.  The first goal involved replacing nonylphenolethoxylate (NPE) surfactants used in its product formulations with safer surfactants.  As a member of CleanGredients, Momar worked with several CleanGredient surfactant suppliers to obtain safer alternatives to NPE, including alcohol ethoxylates, alcohol alkoxylates, alkyl glucosides, and linear alkylbenzene sulfonate.

“Several years were dedicated to developing and testing each greener formulation,” stated West Gary.  “We wanted to not only institute greener chemistries within our products, but greener products with better performance, stability and handling than their traditional counterparts.”

Momar completed their mission in August 2012 — re-formulating over 250 cleaners, degreasers, deodorizers, disinfectants, sanitizers and dust suppressants with only safer surfactants.  With this achievement, Momar continues to be at the forefront of chemical technologies providing high quality, highly effective, safer products for their customers.

“We are excited about safer surfactant technology,” added Julian Mohr, Jr., Executive Vice President of Momar, Inc.  “We hope that our Champion status with SDSI will encourage others to start using safer surfactants.”


About EPA Design for the Environment

EPA's Design for the Environment (DfE) works in partnership with industry, environmental groups, and academia to reduce risk to people and the environment by finding ways to prevent pollution. For more than 15 years, through partnership projects, DfE has evaluated human health and environmental concerns associated with traditional and alternative chemicals and processes in a range of industries. These analyses have empowered hundreds of businesses to select safer chemicals and technologies. DfE focuses on industries that combine the potential for chemical risk reduction with a strong motivation to make lasting, positive changes.


About Momar, Inc.                                

Momar, Inc. is a specialty manufacturer of general maintenance and sanitation chemicals.  From our original foundation of 150 general and specialized maintenance chemicals, we have grown to proudly offer over 5,000 products, systems, and services. Through Momar's Eight Divisions, we specialize as a Total Fluids Management supplier and provide our customers with virtually every product or service available in the areas of maintenance chemicals and equipment, lubrication, water and waste water treatment, food processing chemicals, mineral handling, specialty hardware, industrial safety, and expert application services.

For more information Momar’s SDSI Champion status visit  For information about Momar’s Greenaction product line which carries over 20 EPA DfE recognized products, visit  Find Momar, Inc. listed amongst SDSI Champions at


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