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Atlanta, GA --- Momar, Inc., a manufacturer of specialty chemicals for industrial and institutional markets, announced that it has acquired AIS Specialty Products, Inc., an industrial maintenance and cleaning supplies company headquartered in Chatsworth, California.

AIS will continue to operate out of California, and founder Brian Stark, who started the company in 2008, will stay on as General Manager, overseeing the day-to-day operations of the sales and support staff.

The purchase further increases Momar’s presence in the western part of the United States, having begun its expansion in 2017 with the purchase of Superco, a specialty maintenance supplier based in Valencia, California.  Between the two acquisitions, Momar has increased their sales organization by over 25%, fueling the total solutions supplier’s overall growth.

All AIS solutions and services will continue to be offered under the AIS name, a decision Momar has made to best serve the customers, who have come to rely on their local brand and their sales representatives, those whom have built their reputations and their livelihood on the AIS brand. 

“A key part of our growth strategy is acquisitions, when and where they make the most sense to help us increase our footprint; and, if possible, to then build upon the existing brand’s equity using Momar’s considerable assets behind them” commented Momar CEO Julian Mohr, Jr.  “To help leverage the marriage of our two companies, AIS sales representatives will still operate under the AIS name their customers have come to trust.  In addition, they will now have access to the entire Momar line of solutions.  We are thrilled that the AIS reps will continue to be led by Brian, and that he is bringing his passion for service and value to the Momar family.”

Stark expressed similar feelings about the purchase, stating, “We had an immediate meeting of the minds with the Momar team due to our shared belief that the road to success is paved by two groups of people: our satisfied customers, and our hard working, enthusiastic sales people.  The many tools and vast experience we can leverage as a part of the Momar family of companies are setting us up for long-term growth, and they will be of great benefit to all our key stakeholders, including our customers, business partners, and employees.”


About Momar, Inc.

Momar, Inc. is a manufacturer of specialty chemicals for industrial and institutional markets.  Through Momar’s eight divisions, the company specializes as a Total Fluids Management Supplier and provides customers with virtually every product or service available in the areas of maintenance chemicals and equipment, lubrication, water and waste treatment, food processing chemicals, mineral handling, specialty hardware, industrial safety, and expert application services.  For more information, call 800.556.3967 or visit


About AIS, Inc.

AIS, Inc. is a supplier of industrial maintenance and cleaning solutions.  The company offers a broad line of products and services, including general cleaners, fleet maintenance products, deodorizers, HVAC system solutions, environmentally responsible sanitation solutions and much more.  Additional information can be found at www.specialtyproductsusa.comor please call 855.279.4358.



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