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ATLANTA (GA)….."We have been manufacturing specialty chemical solutions for all sorts of problems for 71 years now…frankly, it’s part of our DNA," says Momar President, Julian Mohr, Sr., who has been with the company for 65 years.  "We are honored to help our friends in Florida and Texas recover from the problems created by Hurricanes Irma and Harvey."


The Atlanta-based, family-owned chemical manufacturer is donating over $70,000 worth of products specifically designed to help solve the problems that Harvey leaves behind.  “Momar’s donation is the most impactful one yet!” shares Jim Alvey, Director at Good360, the organization coordinating donations of all sorts for distribution through the Red Cross and FEMA.


“As the water recedes in Houston,” added company CEO, Julian Mohr, Jr. “it leaves behind a variety of dangerous problems.  Disease-causing bacteria, mold, viruses, mosquitoes, grease and oil residue, just to name a few.  We have selected and are shipping specific solutions to solve these very specific problems for the people affected by these storms.  Our donation of these solutions is just another form of teamwork.  In the diverse world we live in…reacting to disasters like this is how we become…ONE again.”


A full 53-foot truckload of Momar solutions is in route to Florida and Texas and will soon be available to both Red Cross and FEMA personnel as the giant job of cleaning up begins.  The solutions included in this large donation include:

1100 gallons of all-purpose cleaner

400 gallons of concentrated sanitizer

350 gallons of concentrated disinfectant

150 gallons of concentrated descaler

75 gallons of mold and mildew remover

70 gallons of concentrated deodorizer

60 pounds of hand soap

60 dozen aerosol cleaners

45 gallons of laundry detergent

45 gallons of concentrated heavy-duty degreaser

25 gallons of concentrated floor cleaner

25 pounds of bleaching powder

Momar encourages everyone to participate in assisting the victims of Hurricanes Irma and Harvey by donating to

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