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ATLANTA, 10/23/17 – Momar, Inc., a leading specialty manufacturer of general maintenance and sanitation chemicals, has purchased Superco Specialty Products, Inc. in the company’s largest acquisition to date. Based in Los Angeles County, Superco brings a strong line of 500 products and 32 experienced professionals to the family-owned and operated firm. 


Superco Specialty Products

“The acquisition of Superco not only gives us a physical West Coast presence, but also provides diverse and dynamic entrees into many other important markets across the country,” said Julian Mohr, Jr., Chief Executive Officer of Momar. “There are so many synergies that can be realized between Superco’s phenomenal sales representatives and their relationships, along with our rather advanced marketing and chemical solutions product lines.”
In its eighth decade of operation, Momar continues to grow with industry-leading research, advanced product development and strategic acquisition. The Atlanta-based company, which started with 150 general and specialized maintenance chemicals, now offers more than 5,000 products, systems and services. 
“We’re very excited about an acquisition of this size and scope,” said Mohr, Jr. “It shows our strength and that we’re primed for a new phase in our 70-year history.”
While major companies in the industry have reduced their salesforces in the past decade or so, some going as far as to have ceased their manufacturing operations and thus restricted their research and development capabilities, Momar is bucking the downsizing trend.
“These last 10 or more years have seen a tightening of attitude and operation within the maintenance chemical world,” said Julian Mohr, Sr., President of Momar. “This, in turn, reduces success because they have nothing new to offer when recruiting experienced sales reps. Our thoughts and actions are in complete contrast to this general industry attitude.” 
With the Superco acquisition, Momar adds experienced sales and sales management teams from Los Angeles to Philadelphia. 
“As long-time specialty chemical professionals, we both understand what it takes to make customers and sales teams happy,” said Steve Cina, Superco’s CEO and a 43-year industry veteran. “That’s the philosophy I’ve had all these years and Momar has the same.” 
Bill Buckley, Momar’s National Sales Manager, said, “What really stands out to me is the enthusiastic response by the Superco sales group over how much we are offering them in the way of new products and new thinking. We were founded by a sales professional, we have been operated by sales men and women, and we will always put the needs and desires of our evolving sales group first and foremost.”
Cina added, “I was attracted to Momar having eight divisions, offering quality compensation and insurance to our employees, and the fact that it was a 70-year-old company owned by the same family. The Momar employees have been there for a long, long time.” 
Superco will continue operate “as is”, to distribute and sell its quality line of maintenance products for commercial, industrial, institutional and federal/state agency clients. As it approaches 25 years of industry leadership, the company remains committed to its customers, products and personnel.
“We’re giving everyone the best of both worlds,” Mohr, Jr., added. “We’re going to continue to support Superco’s strong brand, while also adding tremendous value to them as they will now have access to all of Momar’s thousands of solutions.  The new team of professional sales people and office staff will add to our strength, diversity, and youth as a company.”
About Momar, Inc.
Founded in 1947, Momar, Inc. is a specialty manufacturer of general maintenance and sanitation chemicals. From an original foundation of 150 general and specialized maintenance chemicals, the Atlanta-based company has grown to proudly offer more than 5,000 products, systems and services through its eight divisions. Momar specializes as a Total Fluids Management supplier and provides its customers with virtually every product or service available in the areas of maintenance chemicals and equipment, lubrication, water and waste water treatment, food processing chemicals, mineral handling, specialty hardware, industrial safety, and expert application services.

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