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MOMAR’S MINTECH DIVISION Achieves OMRI Listed Status for Fertilizer Industry Solutions

MinTerra Line products attain prominent sourcing recognition within the organic farming sector one year after their launch.


October 27, 2020, Atlanta, GA --- Momar, Inc., a leading manufacturer of specialty chemicals for industrial and institutional markets, is proud to announce that MinTech, its full-service material handling solutions division, has gained OMRI Listed® status from the Organic Materials Review Institute for three products serving the fertilizer industry: DustAid Natural L, DustAid Natural S, and MicroBind Natural L. As a result, the MinTerra line solutions, which are developed specifically to address the unique dust control, anti-caking, and binding needs of the fertilizer industry, now offer farming end-users assurance of their suitability as products for certified organic production, handling, and processing.


“With these new OMRI listings, we are further empowering our customers to satisfy the needs of an evolving global market, especially to meet the demands of a growing organic farming sector,” said Harry Heydorn, General Manager of MinTech. “From the moment of inception, we charted our formulation and development process for these MinTerra solutions with the goal of achieving OMRI Listed status and that day has come for these essential fertilizer industry products. We are very proud.”


Topping 7,500 OMRI Listed products reviewed and verified for organic use, OMRI continues in its mission to support the organic industry by offering guidance and expertise regarding inputs for organic production. The nonprofit also makes it easier for customers, from industry participants to home gardeners, to find proven organic products.


“Organic growers, processors, and livestock producers trust OMRI when sourcing products, and, often times, even non-organic businesses in the agricultural field prefer an OMRI Listed product over one that isn’t because the products tend to be safer and more environmentally conscious,” said West Gary, MinTech’s Chief Technical Officer.


Including a unique assortment of bio-based, synthetic, and paraffin options that clients can customize to meet their efficacy and budgetary goals, DustAid applied at just a single point in production reduces dust up to 99 percent for extended periods of time, including after transfer and storage. By reducing the amount of airborne dust, these solutions help facilities reduce the negative impact on worker health and safety, production yield, product effectiveness, facility maintenance, and the environment.


Introduced by MinTech in 2019, DustAid Natural L is an all-natural, biodegradable, lignin-fortified dust control and binding agent. Lignosulfonates bind the dust particles to the larger fertilizer granules, and when water evaporates from the polymer the dust particles remain trapped by the high-viscosity, naturally sticky material.


The only non-lignin-based dust suppressant with OMRI listing, DustAid Natural S boasts another unique performance capability: the product does not require heating to use. Most other industry solutions are either resin or wax based, making them difficult to work with.


Farmers also need fertilizer nutrients that can be consistently applied to soil. Producing stable fertilizer granules and creating custom micronutrient blends, MinTerra MicroBind agents ensure even distribution of micronutrients and uniform appearance to help improve marketability and produce higher crop yields. Available in both bio-based and synthetic options, the MicroBind solutions can be applied at any point of the manufacturing, transportation, or distribution process, giving fertilizer manufacturers, blenders, and terminals the flexibility of when, where, and how they add customer-specified micronutrients. MicroBind Natural L’s natural dispersant activity ensures even distribution of micronutrients on macronutrient fertilizer surfaces so that farmers can achieve a higher agricultural output.


“One of MinTech’s core tenets is challenging the status quo, and with these OMRI Listed solutions we are doing just that,” Heydorn added.


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MinTech is a full-service material handling solution provider specializing in process application systems, surface application programs, and specialty chemical treatments. From start to finish, MinTech’s team of experts provide on-site assessments, consultation, concept and design, installation, product application, and on-going service and maintenance to custom tailor services that exceed customer expectations.  For more information, call 404.355.4580 or visit



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