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Atlanta, GA—Teresa Brown, Senior Vice President and Technical Director of Momar's AquaTrol Division, has achieved the distinction of Certified Water Technologist (CWT).  CWT represents the highest professional credential in the industrial and commercial water treatment field.  The CWT designation is reached by passing an exam that assures the water professional

  • possesses a core body of knowledge,
  • has extensive professional experience in all aspects of water treatment,
  • and is competent and up-to-date on current practices.

"[I] have taken continuing education courses in boiler operation, cooling tower operation, wastewater operations, softener and RO equipment", says Teresa Brown, "but this is one of the very few programs offered to provide an industry accepted credential."

The AquaTrol Division of Momar, Inc. has always had a strong reputation of superior service, product reliability, and a research and development staff that creates products on the cutting-edge of water treatment technology.  As a CWT with 33 years of water treatment experience, Teresa plans to focus AquaTrol's attention on tackling some of the most prominent issues facing the water industry today.  "…the availability of water sources is becoming an issue.  Developing ways to reuse water, and developing processes that utilize less water, are becoming more important to our customers," Teresa explains. "Today, many companies are looking to their suppliers for ways that we can help them become green.  We are developing and applying technologies that are helping reduce carbon footprints, water usage, and chemical usage."




About The AquaTrol Division of Momar, Inc.
The AquaTrol Division of Momar, Inc., formulates and manufactures a variety of technologically advanced products that effectively treat water used in boilers, cooling towers, closed recirculating systems, waste treatment systems, and other water processing equipment.

About Momar, Inc.
Momar, Inc. is a specialty manufacturer of general maintenance and sanitation chemicals.  From our original foundation in 1947 of 150 general and specialized maintenance chemicals, we have grown to proudly offer over 5,000 products, systems, and services. Through Momar's Eight Divisions, we specialize as a Total Fluids Management supplier and provide our customers with virtually every product or service available in the areas of maintenance chemicals and equipment, lubrication, water and waste water treatment, food processing chemicals, mineral handling, specialty hardware, industrial safety, and expert application services.

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