Do Your Golf Carts Need Some Polish and Shine?

Momar’s Cart Care program is a simple step-by-step cleaning process that will keep your carts looking good as new.

1. CLEAN the surfaces with Red Heat:

just spray and wipe to remove mud, grease, grime, and other soils on contact

2. ERASE water spots with Show Off:

soak sponge, wipe onto windshields and cart body, and rinse with water, no scrubbing required

3. POLISH the windshield with Mirror Glaze:

clinging spray is perfect for removing and repelling dirt, film, and fingerprints

4. SHINE the tires and trim with Momaral:

simply spray, set, and buff to restore and protect rubber, plastic, and vinyl


Gary Davis shares what makes Cart Care so simple for their maintenance

Watch Brian Eaker demonstrate how quick and effective Cart Care can be