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Ready-To-Use, Non-Selective Weed Killer

Dual-action, solvent-based to control weeds and grasses by contact and root action. Formulated with 2,4-D to provide a fast kill by leaf action. Formulated with Bromacil to provide an extended period of control by root action. For use on non-crop areas, such as fence lines, parking lots, loading ramps, railroad sidings, storage yards, and around buildings.


Choosing the right herbicide is simple. Momar created the Herbicide Decision Tree to guide your decision making process. After choosing the best product, download the product literature below


Herbicides are commonly referred to as weedkillers, and Momar manufactures a comprehensive offering of solutions for both land and aquatic applications.


Adjuvants are substances that enhance the health of the turf, and Momar manufactures nutrients, spray indicators, wetting agents, and many other specialty adjuvants.


After selecting the best solutions for your turf care, it is important to apply it correctly to achieve the desired results. Momar carries the best application equipment.