Solve material handling and storage challenges of lower rank coals by eradicating spontaneous combustion, preventing coal from freezing, and controlling dust with an all-in-one solution. Full-body treatment fortified with residual binders, humectants, freeze protectants, and spontaneous combustion inhibitors, answers the industry's need for complete coal management.
  • Provides freeze protection down to -48°F (-44°C)
  • Improves air quality and increases worker safety and visibility
  • Humectant qualities aid in dust control by enhancing moisture retention
  • Retards coal oxidation and controls evaporation rates preventing spontaneous combustion
  • Binders provide long residual dust control making coal handling and storage safer and easier
  • Excellent clingability to vertical services and high lubricity in cold temperatures enhances performance and resists washout
  • USDA Bio-Preferred FP - 100% Certified Biobased Content
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