3% Aqueous Film Forming Foam Municipal Concentrate

Phos-Chek® 3% AFFF Municipal is a lower fluorine content foam concentrate that is proportioned at 3% concentration, compatible with both fresh and sea water, and designed for municipal fire departments that occasionally have to fight smaller hydrocarbon fuel fires like gasoline or crude oil spills. Many fire trucks that have Class B foam capability are set up to proportion at 3% and the Phos-Chek 3% AFFF Municipal is an excellent choice for providing the firefighters with the concentrate they need to fight small hydrocarbon spill fires.

Phos-Chek 3% AFFF Municipal may be used with:

  • Low expansion foam equipment (nozzle, monitors, foam chambers, etc.)
  • Non-aspirating devices (water spray nozzles and standard sprinklers)
  • Medium expansion foam devices to fight fires involving Class B hydrocarbon fuel fires (crude oil, aviation fuels, diesel, etc.)
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