Low Viscosity Training Foam Concentrate

Phos-Chek® Training Foam (EE-3%) is an organohalogen free synthetic training foam, made with biodegradable surfactants, that simulates foams that are used on hydrocarbon fuel fires – like Aqueous Film Forming Foams (AFFF). EE-3% is compatible with standard proportioning equipment proportioned at 3% and can be applied for training purposes through most discharge devices. The product has extinguishing capability on both Class A and B (hydrocarbon) type fires and has been specially formulated with reduced burn back resistance to enable successive fire tests on the same fuel fire.

Phos-Chek EE-3% LOW VISCOSITY TRAINING FOAM may be used with:

  • Low expansion foam equipment (nozzle, monitors, foam chambers, etc.)
  • Non-aspirating devices (water spray nozzles and standard sprinklers)
  • Medium expansion foam devices to fight fires involving Class B hydrocarbon fuel fires (crude oil, aviation fuels, diesel, etc.)
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