Gel Graffiti Remover

Off Aerosol is a gel based graffiti remover that safely removes pen marks, tape, gum residue, ink, and graffiti marks glass, vinyl, and leather. Unlike other graffiti removers, Off isn't harmful to materials such as plastic, making it the perfect solution for road signs. For use on buses, trains, bridges, road signs, walls, to remove scuff marks from racquetball court walls, etc. 

  • Rough surfaces: spray directly on surface and use brush to remove markings then dry with cloth
  • Porous surfaces: mist surface with water first to open pores of concrete, brick, etc., then apply Off
  • Safe on lexan, leather or vinyl seats, and most plastic surfaces
  • Designed for use at: school districts, cities, municipalities, buildings, road departments, and anywhere else grafitti exists
  • Net Weight: 10 oz.
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