Growth Regulating Selective Herbicide to Improve Turf Quality

Pramaxis MEC is designed to improve the stress tolerance and manage growth of warm and cool season turfgrasses. Pramaxis MEC boosts the beauty of turf, and it enhances the playability on golf courses. This multifauceted additive has multiple applications including fertilization, irrigation, drainage, and maintaining mowing height. Pramaxis MEC helps to delay the onset of stress, improve stressed turfgrass survival, and enhance turf’s recovery from stress. It can also be used for edging in warm and cool season turfgrasses. With application, vertical shoot growth is slowed, but lateral and below-ground growth is stimulated so you can expect results of denser, healthier turf, ready to withstand drought, disease, and stress.

  • Concentrated micro-emulsion with 11.3% Trienxapac-ethyl active ingredient
  • Enhances lateral growth, increasing turf density, and stress tolerance
  • Slows vertical shoot growth, resulting in fewer clippings
  • Improves drought tolerance and reduces water use
  • Reduces labor in difficult to mow areas
  • EPA registered: 91234-174
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