Emulsifiable Tar, Grease, and Asphalt Remover

Concentrated citrus-based formulation removes all hydrocarbon soils quickly.  Fortified with viscosity-modifiers so that it stays on surfaces for longer contact time and better penetration.  Excellent for use on shovels, rakes, tools, truck beds, and other equipment that comes in contact with asphalt, polymer modifieds, HMA mixes, tar, grease, road oils, slurry-seals, and chip-seals.

  • Safe on all metals
  • Dilutable and rinseable with water
  • Biobased, contains no petroleum solvents
  • Semi-viscous to resist run-off and evaporation
  • Designed for use on distributors, compactors, paving machines, cones, barrels, barricades, concrete, and striping equipment
Item Designations:
On GSA Schedule Contract GS-07F-0019W