Ultra-Concentrated Deodorizer

Cherry-scented ultra-concentrated deodorizer. A concentrated blend of real cherry extracts for deodorizing carpets, HVAC units, etc.

  • Non-staining
  • Dilutes up to 1:128 with water
  • Destroys mildew, human waste, food waste, pet odors, mustiness, smoke, and sewage odors
  • Great for use in mop water, floor scrubbers, floor drains, exhaust fans, foggers, humidifiers, trash compactors, furniture, garbage areas, laundry hampers, dressing rooms, locker rooms, mattresses, storage cabinets, smoking areas, stables, upholstery, air purifiers, lobbies, bowling shoes, carpeting, class rooms, closets, draperies, dumpsters, restrooms, offices, vents, and fabric.
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