Ready-to-use, detergent-fortified, bacteria-based, all-purpose cleaner.  Packed with aggressive vegetative bacteria to provide quick digestion of petroleum hydrocarbons and other soils on hard surfaces, carpet, upholstery, and laundry. 

  • Odorless
  • Destroys odors and stains
  • Neutralizes uric acid in restrooms
  • Contains no antimicrobial preservatives
  • High bacteria count of 300 billion bacteria per quart
  • Premium laundry prespotter and carpet spot remover
  • Eligible to earn points under LEED’s Green Cleaning Products and Materials Credit
  • Works 20 times faster than bacillus strains when digesting petroleum hydrocarbons
  • Contains a biodegradable surfactant to provide emulsification of oily and greasy soils
Item Designations:
EPA Safer Choice Recognized for Safer Chemistry