360-Degree Trigger Sprayer

Heavy-duty, high-output, two-pice piston trigger sprayer capable of spraying at any angle, even upside down.  A special two-way valve allows this unique sprayer to get every last drop, eliminating waste. Use to spray insecticides, carpet spotters, oven cleaners, multi-surface cleaners and degreasers, deodorizers, spray-buffs, disinfectants, glass cleaners, acid descalers, and restroom cleaners.

  • 3-finger easy pull design
  • Sprays 1.4 ml per squeeze
  • Fits all Momar quart bottles
  • Made with chemical resistant materials
  • Perfect for applications where aerosols are normally used and in tight spaces
  • Fully adjustable nozzle produces fine mists, coarse sprays, and strong streams
Item Designations: