Residual Dust Control Additive with Flame Freeze Spontaneous Combustion Inhibitor

A residual surfactant-based product used to control dust in unloading, transfer, and storage of coal, flyash, and other friable minerals. Contains Momar's exclusive Flame Freeze anti-oxidant spontaneous combustion elimination technology.  Reduces moisture exchange and scavenges free radicals to inhibit exothermic reactions that lead to hot spots and fires in coal storage.  Exhibits binding properties that provide extended dust suppression both downstream of the application point and during storage.  Reduces the number of application points required to control your dust problems (reduces the number of chemical application points when transferring coal to silos or bunker areas).

  • Colorless and clear upon curing
  • Freeze thaw stable and heat stable up to 120° F
  • Typically provides 60 days residual dust suppression and 60 days residual spon. comb. reduction
  • The added binding agent allows for extended dust control in plant, rail, and barge application areas
  • After crushing, burn characteristics of treated coal and fly ash characteristics are not affected
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