Special Order 1-Product Proportioning Dispenser

Converts economical concentrates into convenient ready-to-use solutions. Includes metering tips capable of producing dilution rates from as low as 0.25 ounces per gallon to as high as 30 ounces per gallon. Accommodates 1 product.  Bucket-fill design dispenses 4 gallons of use-solution per minute. 

  • Easy to install, minimal installation time, and each unit comes with tubing, mounting supplies, and color-coded labels
  • Perfect for Momar's Greenaction concentrates - Brute, Dash, Envision, Green Heat, Lucent 20X,  Neutrox, Oomph 4X, Respond 3X, and Vigor
  • Perfect for conventional Momar concentrates - Disappearing Act, First Mate, Purple Heat, Neutra-Dis, Neutra-Gold, Orange-2-O, PleaScent, Red Fantastic, Super Glass, and Wash N' Shine
Item Designations: