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Synplicity products are created using natural gas-to-liquid (nGTL) technology, resulting in superior synthetic solutions for your dust suppression needs.

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How Can Synplicity Solve Your Dust Suppression Challenges?

Problem: Conventional Dust Suppressants are affordable, but perform inadequately

Synplicity Solution: Affordable, superior dust suppressants that offer long-term-performance

Problem: Petroleum-based Dust Suppressants are not biodegradable, they leave a sheen on water, and they contain VOCs, metals, and other contaminants

Synplicity Solution: Biodegradable, non-sheening on water, contain no VOCs, metals, or other contaminants

Problem: Large inventories of application-specific dust suppressants create confusion and tie up resources

Synplicity Solution: Multi-functional, versatile dust suppressants simplify applications and free up resources

Synplicity formulations are:


providing you superior performance
  • The nGTL formulations turn natural gas into high-quality liquids that are usually made from crude oil, which contains impurities
  • Synplicity products contain almost none of the impurities found in crude oil, such as sulfur, aromatics, and nitrogen


lowering your cost of ownership versus conventional non-synthetics
  • Synplicity products adhere to dust fines at the molecular level, extending the duration of dust control
  • Synplicity products are safer on equipment because they are less aggressive to seals, gaskets, and other sensitive materials than petroleum-derived products
  • Synplicity products have a lower operating temperature range, allowing year-round use by maintaining optimal viscosity even in the coldest environments


enabling you to consolidate suppliers and inventory
  • Synplicity products are multi-functional, allowing you to use one product for a wide variety of dust suppression applications: road dust, process dust, in-transit dust, pile dust, etc.
  • Synplicity products are designed for industrial-grade applications, and can be used in food-grade applications as well because they comply with USDA H1 and FDA Title 21, Part 178.3570 and Part 172.878


helping you protect human health, the environment, and equipment
  • VOC-free, Metal-free, Non-corrosive, Biodegradable, Petroleum-free
  • Non-flammable, Leave no sheen on water, Food grade and allergen free, Non-conductive up to 34,040 volts
What is nGTL technology?

Simply put, this technique converts pure natural gases into petroleum-free liquids. Since natural gas is the cleanest of all fossil fuels, this technology yields high quality liquids that are free of the impurities found in crude oil.

There are three stages within the nGTL process:
  • Stage 1: manufacture of synthesis gas by partial oxidation and removal of impurities
  • Stage 2: catalyze synthesis gas into liquid hydrocarbons, forming a wax-like liquid
  • Stage 3: isomerize molecule chains into desired products, creating high-quality liquids, such as dust suppressant oil

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