Our Divisions

MoChem Division
Maintenance, Cleaning, and Sanitizing Products

The largest division within Momar, the MoChem Division has an inventory of 15,000 raw materials, from which we manufacture over 1,500 maintenance, cleansing, and sanitation products for virtually every industry.

Cleaners, degreasers, floor care products, and disinfectants are just a few of the specialty maintenance and custom product lines manufactured within the MoChem Division.

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Aquatrol Division
Water Treatment Products and Services

Our AquaTrol Division is the water treatment division of Momar. From this Division, we formulate and manufacture a wide variety of advanced-technology water treatment chemicals and systems for a wide range of water processing equipment.

Our water treatment programs let our customers run their equipment with higher cycles of concentration, provide for less need to blow down water, and allow them to significantly lower their sewer bills, guaranteed.

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LuBest Division
Lubricants and Greases

LuBest is the lubricant Disivion of Momar. It manufactures high-performance greases, and a complete range of synthetic and para-synthetic oils for virtually any industrial lubrication need.

In addition we offer on-site chemists for building and plant surveys, as well as follow-up analysis of oils and greases to gauge performance and help maximize the life of your lubricant program.

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MoMarket Division
Products for the Food Processing Industry

Developed specifically to answer the cleaning and sanitizing challenges of the food processing industry, the Momarket Division has developed over 150 USDA and FDA approved products and solutions.

In addition to our products, we design and install custom Pressure Cleaning and Sanitizing Systems with advanced application equipment that addresses our customers' specific needs.

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MinTech Division
Mineral Handling and Consulting Engineering

As part of our Total Mineral Management approach, the MinTech Division of Momar, inc. specializes in mineral handling and consulting engineering. Our products are designed for foam and surfactant dust suppression, wet coal flow treatment, belt deicing, freeze conditioning and other specialty chemical programs including coal pile sealants, ash pond dust suppression, and road dust suppression. Additionally, the MinTech Division designs, engineers, and fabricates Mineral Handling Chemical Feed Systems.

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Handyman Division
Specialty Supplies

The newest division within Momar, the Handyman Division is a comprehensive line of specialty supplies for all industries. This product line includes: Taps, Dies, Tapes, Files, Saws, Pliers, Sockets, Brushes, Sealants, Drill Bits, Hammers, Wrenches, Clamps, Abrasives, Adhesives, Welding Accessories, Safety Equipment, Screwdrivers, and hundreds of other useful tools and shop supplies.

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RAMCO Division
Your Go-To Application Experts

Specializing in state-of-the-art application services, Momar's Ramco division addresses dust control, soil retention, erosion control, and revegetation challenges for numerous industries. From start to finish, our team of experts provides on-site assessment, consultation, product application, and community education and awareness. Through many years of experience, Ramco is able to exceed expectations while maintaining environmental principles, safety standards, and excellent working relationships with regulatory agencies.

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SafetyMan Division
Industrial Safety Supplies

SafetyMan offers over 8,000 of the best safety products available today.  From the most popular eyewear, to essentials like ibuprofen, tried-and-true sorbents, and the most innovative instrumentation, you're sure to find what you're looking for in industrial safety.

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