Our History

Founded in Atlanta, Georgia, in 1947 by Sam Mohr, Momar is proud to celebrate over 65 years of continued growth. Our success is due in large part to the continued dedication to the founding business philosophies of Sam Mohr, who founded Momar from the ground up with a "salesperson's perspective" at the forefront.

Sam understood that a sales force with a strong company behind it will continuously add tremendous value to its customers. That company must make products that work well. That company must remain flexible and always be willing to tackle a customer's new challenges and problems.

Throughout three generations of family ownership, Momar's philosophy remains steadfast; we are dedicated to hiring and keeping the best and most experienced salespeople of any company in our industry. It is a tradition of success we are proud to honor.

Our eight separate Divisions are all designed to give our salespeople more quality solutions to an ever-widening scope of problems and needs in the marketplace.

Below is a visual timeline of a few significant dates and defining moments in Momar history.