Dust & Erosion Control, Pile Sealing, & Soil Stabilization

TOAD-SKIN - Dust & Erosion Control, Pile Sealing, & Soil Stabilization

High-solids, latex polymer dust suppressant. Formulated with a proprietary vinyl copolymer blend. Provides optimum penetration and bonding to control dust, prevent erosion, and enhance appearance on light-tra­ffic and non-traffi­c areas. Forms a moisture-permeable membrane to reduce vapor loss and moisture gain in coal, which reduces the chances of spontaneous combustion. Use on heavy haul road, tra­ffic roads, driveways, trails, paths, slopes, coal piles, fly-ash ponds, aggregate piles, lots, and equipment yards.

  • Highly dilutable with water
  • Safe for use in and around sensitive habitats
  • Superior cohesion and elasticity provides long-lasting performance
  • Sprays on as a white liquid and dries clear, creating a film-forming crust
  • Perfect for waterproofing and surface sealing applications following the use of Steadfast Ultra™
  • Reduces fugitive dust emissions by 95% or more to achieve compliance levels of <2 mg/m3 and/or <5% opacity
  • Toad-Skin is extremely versatile and exhibits outstanding performance in the areas of sealing effi­ciency, soil retention, freeze-thaw resistance, general surface appearance, and water resistance

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