Non-Silicone Release Agent

SS MOLD-COTE NS-42 - Non-Silicone Release Agent
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Multi-purpose mold release and asphalt release agent.  Water-based, biodegradable surfactant polymer formula provides lubrication and release properties at temperatures as high as 500°F.  Prevents the build-up of wax, film, rubber, adhesives, tar, asphalt, concrete, and many other substances. Suitable for tire mold and retread operations, asphalt trucks, presses, stamping machines, concrete forming, and dozens of other release applications.

  • Stable and homogenous - does not separate or settle - does not require agitation
  • Normally used a straight, but dilutes as much as 1:420
  • Will not interfere with post-treatment processes
  • Contains 42% active surfactant polymer
  • Formulated with corrosion inhibitors
  • Provides a clean, sharp release
  • Low viscosity microemulsion
  • Preserves rubber surfaces
  • 1-Year shelf-life guarantee
  • Non-flammable
  • Non PTFE

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