Designed for use in construction, environmental, industrial, and mining applications on dirt roads and surfaces to quickly dry, solidify, modify, stabilize, neutralize, or bind solids and liquids. When activated by water, Congregate generates heat through exothermic reactions and provides cementitious properties. It can be used to stabilize, modify, or dry soils, full depth reclamation, oil & gas, waste solidification and neutralization, and biosolids treatment.

• Immediate and continuous strength gain over 28+ days in soil applications
• Durable subgrade and driving surfaces when mixed with native soils
• Resistant to temperature and freeze thaw conditions
• Self- heating, exothermic activation once mixed with water
• Prevent weather delay or shutdowns due to rain events
• Can be combined with aggregates (typically 1 – 3 in coarse stone) to improve traction, road durability, and soil strength
• Improves compaction and soil stability, reduces plasticity and swelling
• Dries saturated soils and decreases additional moisture gains

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