High-Foaming, Multi-Surface Cleaner & Degreaser

ORANGE-SNO AEROSOL - High-Foaming, Multi-Surface Cleaner & Degreaser
Item Designations:
Meets Former USDA Guidelines On GSA Schedule Contract GS-07-0019W

Citrus-based cleaner and polish. Clinging foam dissolves soils and stains fast, allowing them to be wiped away easily, leaving no residue.  Effectively removes hand prints, scuff marks, crayon, soot, smoke film, grease, oil, tar, ink, adhesives, grass stains, soap scum, and other stains.  Cleans and polishes all washable surfaces including glass, aluminum, metal, plastic, wood, vinyl, rubber, ceramic, fiberglass, and many others.

  • Citrus scented
  • Safe on painted surfaces
  • Perfect for countertops, appliances, tables, desks, walls, lockers, showers, dry-erase boards, sinks, toilets, tires, and vehicle interiors
  • USDA C1

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