Pacific Steamex Floor Scrubbers

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Equipment :: Floor machines
FLOOR SCRUBBER (AUTO-SCRUBBER) - Pacific Steamex Floor Scrubbers

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18% Solids, Metal-Interlocking Floor Finish
Bio-Enzymatic Decarbonizer, Digesting Cleaner & Degreaser, and Emergency Spill Control
Low-Foaming, High-Alkaline, Multi-Purpose Degreaser
Ultra-Concentrated Neutral Floor Cleaner
Expandable Doorway Dam
Scraper for Removing Gum and Soils From Floors
Doodle Bug Style Scrub Pad and Handle
High-Speed Floor Restorer
Ready-To-Use, High-Speed Floor Restorer
Concentrated, Environmentally-friendly Floor Cleaner
Oxygen-Fortified, Neutral Multi-Purpose Degreaser
Non-Foaming, Mildly-Alkaline, Multi-Purpose Degreaser
22% Solids, Metal-Interlocking Floor Coating
25% Solids, Zinc-Free Floor Coating
Concentrated Neutral Floor Cleaner