ICE-2-O (TM 97-048)

Chloride-Free Ice and Snow Melting Beads

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Winter Products :: Ice melters
ICE-2-O (TM 97-048) - Chloride-Free Ice and Snow Melting Beads
Item Designations:
Momar's Enviropact - Our promise to human health and a better environment. Meets Former USDA Guidelines

Colorless ice and snow melting compound that contains no chlorides or other corrosive agents. Melts snow and ice and keeps it melted for up to 7 hours after application. Perfect for helicopter pads, metal decking, metal bridges, metal walkways, and other chloride-sensitive areas.

  • Non-staining, non-corrosive
  • Non-caking and maintains long shelf life
  • Melts ice and snow in temperatures down to -10°F
  • High nitrogen concentration acts as a fertilizer to vegetation
  • Meets requirements for use in USDA inspected food processing plants
  • Mixable with sand to provide additional traction during melting process

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