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Belt Deicer and Freeze Conditioning Agent

Synergistic blend of inhibited calcium chloride, glycerols, and high-performance wetting agents to melt ice-packed coal and prevent belts and coal from freezing.  Increases safety and... more >>

COALTROL 1200 (TM 08-516)

Ultra-Concentrate Freeze Conditioning Agent

Maximum Freeze Point of -35ºF... more >>

COALTROL 1205 CE (TM 04-068)

Freeze conditioning and slide release agent

  Freeze point of -46°F.  An economical blend of glycol and salt based freeze conditioning agents, deicers, and high pressure lubricants.  For use in coal... more >>


Ultra Concentrated Freeze Protection Technology

Glycerol-based side-release and freeze conditioning agent.  Designed to achieve maximum freeze protection while minimizing environmental impact.  An excellent alternative to calcium... more >>


Liquid Freeze Conditioning Agent

Ultra-pure deicer, anti-freeze, and freeze conditioning agent. Fast-acting formulation immediately starts melting ice and... more >>