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Heavy-Duty Paint, Gasket, and Decal Remover

Powerful, high-viscosity formulation clings to vertical surfaces.  Strips all paints and removes adhesives, carbon, decals, enamels, epoxy, gaskets, ink, lacquer, sealers, shellac,... more >>


Heavy-Duty Paint, Gasket, and Decal Remover

Just like Blister Aerosol, but in liquid form. Powerful, high-viscosity formulation clings to vertical surfaces. Strips all paints and sealants.  Removes adhesives, carbon, decals,... more >>


Emulsifiable Citrus Solvent Degreaser & Deodorizer

Extraordinarily powerful formula contains more than 96% d'Limonene and a unique surfactant package that produces a stable emulsion when mixed or rinsed with water.  Removes asphalt,... more >>


High-Caustic, High-Foaming Decarbonizing Degreaser

Commander is a high-caustic, high-foaming decarbonizing degreaser designed for use on food processing surfaces such as floors, walls, equipment, smokehouses, ovens, vats and other equipment.... more >>


Paint, Graffiti, & Varnish Stripper And Tire Mark Remover

Ready-to-use, industrial strength alternative to Methylene Chloride.  Strips paint, resin, laquer, shellac, latex, polyurethane, epoxy, enamel, and other coatings from most surfaces.... more >>


Paint and Graffiti Remover Wipes

Pre-moistened, paint and graffiti remover towelettes. Utilizes a unique formulation that is gentle on hands but extraordinarily effective on graffiti, permanent marker, and ink. Safe on metal,... more >>

KILLER DIP (TM 08-005)

Biodegradable, Bio-Based, Emulsifiable Tar, Grease, and Asphalt Remover, Paint Stripper and Concrete Cleaner

Powerful bio-solvent and detergent blend.  Made from corn, soy, and citrus solvents.  Designed to quickly dissolve asphalt, tar, resin, paint, and grease on contact.  Penetrates... more >>


Clinging Vandalism Mark Remover

High-viscosity spray gel for removing vandal marks.  Sprays as a thick, powerful gel which provides extended contact time by clinging to vertical surfaces and quickly dissolving vandalism... more >>


Solvent-Free Steam Cleaner, Power Washer, & Paint Stripping Liquid

Ultra high-alkaline degreaser.  For use on exterior surfaces such as concrete, brick, and stone.  For use on industrial... more >>


Vandal Mark Remover

High-powered solvent blend designed to remove graffiti, pen, marker, paint, crayon, lipstick, and other vandal markings. Formulated with MEK, Toluene, Acetone, Glycol Ethers, and other... more >>