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20-Pound, Cherry-Scented Deodorizer Block

20-pound, cherry-scented, waxy deodorizer block contained within a mesh bag. Ideal for sewers, elevator shafts, dumpster areas, garbage collection areas, water treatment facilities, and other... more >>


Insect Repellent & Deodorizer

DEET-free granular insect repellent fortified with naturally-derived Geraniol, Rosemary oil, Lemongrass oil, and Cedarwood oil.  Repels mosquitoes, flies, gnats, fleas, and... more >>


Mountain Fresh Deodorizing Granules

Ultra-concentrated, mountain fresh deodorizing granules. Contains a complex blend of essential oils, plant extracts, and mountain fresh fragrances to neutralize malodors instantly and keep them... more >>


Mountain Fresh Deodorizer Powder with Baking Soda

Concentrated, mountain fresh scented, deodorizing crystals.  Formulated with the power of baking soda to absorb moisture, neutralize odors, and destroy the source of the odor.  Use... more >>


Heavy Duty 60 Day Air Freshener

Ultra Beads have been formulated to fight difficult to tackle odors in commercial settings for up to 60 days. The beads slowly release their scent over time making them a cost effective... more >>