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FREEZENOT 50 (TM 06-502)

Potassium Acetate Based Deicer & Antifreeze

Liquid industrial-grade de-icer, anti-icer, and solids pre-wetter with many benefits over conventional technologies. Suitable for applications including, but not limited to roads and... more >>

FREEZENOT 65 (TM 06-524)

Ultra Concentrated Freeze Protection Technology

Glycerol-based side-release and freeze conditioning agent.  Designed to achieve maximum freeze protection while minimizing environmental impact.  An excellent alternative to calcium... more >>


Liquid Freeze Conditioning Agent

Ultra-pure deicer, anti-freeze, and freeze conditioning agent. Fast-acting formulation immediately starts melting ice and... more >>

ICE-2-O (TM 97-048)

Chloride-Free Ice and Snow Melting Beads

Colorless ice and snow melting compound that contains no chlorides or other corrosive agents. Melts snow and ice and keeps it melted for up to 7 hours after application. Perfect for helicopter... more >>


Fast-Acting Ice & Snow Melting Solution

A liquid version of Momar's Ice Go.  Formulated with the maximum concentration of calcium chloride. Convenient to spray or pour onto snow and ice.  Perfect for... more >>

MELT DOWN (TM 94-030)

Instant Liquid Ice and Snow Melting Solution

A fast-penetrating liquid ice melter that dissolves frost, snow, and ice accumulations on contact.  Formulated with propylene glycol and methanol for the best balance of performance and... more >>


Windshield and Lock De-Icer, Frost and Snow Remover

Ice and snow melting aerosol. Alcohol-based formulation removes ice, frost, and snow from windshields, headlights, door locks, chains, conveyors, freezer coils, windows, and snow... more >>


Long-Lasting Ice & Snow Melting Granules with Accelerator Coating

Green-tinted ice and snow melting compound. Formulated with a proprietary blend of solar salt, magnesium chloride, and corrosion inhibitors. Melts snow and ice and keeps it melted for a... more >>