Product Listings

BLUE-V (TM 08-021)

Ultra-Violet Lamp Descaler & Restorer

UV lamp cleaner quickly and easily removes mineral deposits, scale, and salt build-up on lamp surfaces.  Ensures clarity and proper ultra-violet dosage rates for maximum microbial... more >>

BPC-20 (TM 09-020)

Municipal-Strength Belt Press Cleaner

A highly concentrated cleaner and descaler that effectively opens belt pores to enhance the dewatering process in waste treatment plants.  Formulated with inhibited acid technology that... more >>


Waste Water Treatment Polymer & Flocculent Remover

Non-ammoniated, alkali amine formulation depolymerizes polymer chains, making clean-up fast and easy.  Biodegradable detergents dissolve and remove thick, embedded soils from concrete,... more >>