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Items that start with: "K"


Lambswool Applicator with 2.5-Gallon Tank

Lambswool applicator with 2.5-gallon tank. Recommended for applying solvent-based floor finishes. "EZ" fill 2.5-gallon tank mounted on a 64" wooden handle assembly The... more >>

KILLER DIP (TM 08-005)

Biodegradable, Bio-Based, Emulsifiable Tar, Grease, and Asphalt Remover, Paint Stripper and Concrete Cleaner

Powerful bio-solvent and detergent blend.  Made from corn, soy, and citrus solvents.  Designed to quickly dissolve asphalt, tar, resin, paint, and grease on contact.  Penetrates... more >>


High Foaming, Chlorinated Food Processing Cleaner

High-foaming, high-alkaline, chlorinated cleaner and degreaser.  Foam on and rinse off.  No scrubbing required.  Provides for quick emulsification and removal of grease, protein,... more >>


Lemon-Scented, Solvent-Free Hand Cleaner with Micro-Scrubbers

Industrial-strength hand and arm cleaner with MICRO-SCRUBBERS that remove dirt and grime, leaving skin smelling lemon-fresh.  Solvent-free, and will not dry, crack, whiten, or harm sensitive... more >>


Mosquito Larva and Pupae Control

Floating surface oil kills mosquitoes by physical means, not by chemical means, so mosquitoes do not develop resistance. The surface oil prevents adult mosquitoes from being able to land on the... more >>


Thick, Multi-Surface Cleaner, Degreaser, and Scouring Agent

Ready-to-use cream cleanser. Formulated with a jewelers grade abrasive for tough cleaning jobs. Rapidly removes hard water stains, rust stains, tarnish, carbon, grease, scum, scuffs, and other... more >>