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MinTech introduces MinTerra™ solutions for the fertilizer industry

The new DustAid, Cake Brake, and MicroBind products address key industry concerns


September 30, 2019, Atlanta, GA --- MinTech Enterprises LLC, a full-service material handling solution provider and division of Momar, Inc., officially announced today the launch of its new MinTerra line aimed at resolving dust, caking, and binding issues for the fertilizer industry.


Whether it’s the mines that process the raw material inputs for fertilizer manufacturing or the local co-ops that blend custom formulations for farmers, the MinTerra line has solutions for all members of the fertilizer supply chain.


“MinTech has incredibly diverse experience combatting dust across a wide variety of materials, and we developed MinTerra to combat issues we found in the fertilizer industry,” said Chief Executive Officer Julian Mohr, Jr.  “Our state-of-the art, proprietary solutions, our decades of expertise, our problem-solving attitude, and the consistency of our service were things simply missing almost entirely from this marketplace.  When we bring all of MinTech’s attributes to the table to help our fertilizer customers, it can really be a game-changer for them.”


Dust is a formidable issue when it comes to fertilizer, so MinTech chemists and engineers formulated and designed the DustAid line to be applied during the manufacturing process to reduce dust not only at production but during downstream handling as well.  Applying DustAid at just a single point in production reduces dust up to 99% for extended periods of time, including after transfer and storage.[1]  The line includes a unique assortment of bio-based, synthetic, and paraffin options that can be customized to meet clients’ specific efficacy and budgetary goals.  By reducing the amount of dust that can become airborne, DustAid helps facilities lower the potential negative impact dust can have on worker health and safety, production yield, product effectiveness, facility maintenance, and the environment. 


Fertilizer storage can also create safety and quality issues for processors, handlers, and farmers.  Often, fertilizers are stored for extended periods of time, and due to the hygroscopic nature of the ingredients, they are highly prone to caking.  MinTerra Cake Brake anti-caking coatings help eliminate pile set and clumping by altering the interfacial surface tension between treated granules and inhibiting crystallization and adhesion between surfaces.  The Cake Brake solutions are available in water-soluble, water-resistant, and bio-based options.


Finally, when it comes to producing stable fertilizer granules and creating custom micronutrient blends, MinTerra MicroBind agents ensure uniform appearance and even distribution of micronutrients to help improve marketability and produce higher crop yields.  Available in both bio-based and synthetic options, the MicroBind solutions are designed to be applied at any point of the manufacturing, transportation, or distribution process, giving fertilizer manufacturers, blenders, and terminals the flexibility of when, where, and how they add customer-specified micronutrients.


Customized solutions are in MinTech’s DNA.  “MinTerra is supported by a team of chemists and engineers who approach each application with the understanding that the conditions of each process and the goals of each customer are unique,” explains Chief Technical Officer, West Gary.  “Instead of a one-size-fits-all solution, MinTerra performs a free site survey followed by free lab testing before ever making a recommendation.  Our customers appreciate our partnering approach, especially when their chemists and engineers can talk directly to our chemists and engineers.  Our customers take great pride in the products they produce, and our programs allow them to achieve unprecedented levels of quality at the point of application and downstream to the end-user.   It is very rewarding.”


To learn more about MinTerra, visit


About MinTech


MinTech Enterprises LLC is a full-service material handling solution provider specializing in process application systems, surface application programs, and specialty chemical treatments. From start to finish, MinTech’s team of experts provide on-site assessments, consultation, concept and design, installation, product application, and on-going service and maintenance to custom tailor services that exceed customer expectations.  For more information, call 404.355.4580 or visit

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