S.L.R. (SLR)

Non-Fuming, Descaling Degreaser & Deodorizer

S.L.R. (SLR) - Non-Fuming, Descaling Degreaser & Deodorizer
Item Designations:
Kosher-approved On GSA Schedule Contract GS-07-0019W

Scale, lime, and rust removing cleaner, descaler, and deodorizer.  Phosphoric acid fortified to work fast on toilets, urinals, tile, grout, concrete, brick, pots, pans, chrome, diamond plate, aluminum, brass, stainless steel, coils & filters, ice machines, and glass. Inhibited to protect metal surfaces from flash-rusting and corrosion.

  • Each dozen quarts ships with 12 flip-top caps, 2 trigger sprayers, and 1 bowl mop
  • Brightens metal and concrete as it removes stains and descales
  • Excellent for acid-descaling coil cleaning applications
  • Dilutes up to 1:15 for most applications
  • Safe on nickel and other soft metals
  • Pleasant cinnamon scent
  • High-foaming
  • Free-rinsing
  • Kosher Certified 

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